Career Counselling

Where will we start?

Being clear about your personal values, interests, areas of expertise, preferred work environment and transferable skills is a great place to start if you want to return to the workforce, broaden your existing role or make a career change. Some clients come to a career counselling session with this already clear while others benefit from the chance to talk this through and gain some new understandings.

Then what

Gaining self-awareness is followed by thoroughly analysing your employment options and making a plan to get there. Taking time to do this step well is important. For instance, if you are embarking on a major career change, you will want to choose the most efficient route  possible to reach your ultimate goal. With your plan clear the next stage is to identify opportunities. Often great opportunities can be difficult to recognise!

So I can support you  to spot possibilities you might not have seen before.

CV’s and Cover letters the Get Job Interviews.

Creating a great cover letter and CV that clearly reflects what you have to offer your prospective employer will improve your chances of being called for an interview. I can help you write a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae so you stand out from the other applicants and quickly show the employer the match between what they are looking for and what you have to offer.

Succeeding in Job Interviews

If you don’t enjoy job interviews you are not alone. Many people struggle to present themselves well as they find themselves overtaken with anxiety, unable to think clearly, talking too much or too little, and reducing their chances of success. We can take time to prepare you so that when you enter the room you feel confident and are able to clearly communicate your skills, experience and qualities to show that you are the best person for the position. It is important to remember that it isn’t just the employer who is making decisions, you will also need to decide if the organisation is one you want to work for. Together we can construct some carefully thought out and worded questions to help you determine this.

So if you are confused about what to do next, contact me to explore your career potential! Phone me on 027 824 7518 or email