Counselling for Cancer and Chronic Health issues including their impact on relationships, intimacy and sexuality

Many people with cancer or chronic health issues experience significant changes in their lives including a loss of purpose / meaning and /or changes in their intimate and sexual relationships. While they may be grateful and relieved to be having treatment or to have survived a diagnosis of cancer many experience a sense of sadness or loss at the impact of the disease and its treatment on their important relationships. At the same time there may be a sense of uncertainty as to whether anything can improve.

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The combination of my nursing and counselling experience enables me to work with both individuals and couples to discuss changes that have occurred as part of their disease process and the effects of treatment which have impacted on relationships.. For couples, working together on relationship issues often involves rebuilding a satisfying intimate and / or sexual relationship. Relationships are unlikely to be the same as before the health issues arose but this isn’t just cancer / health related, all relationships including intimate and / or sexual ones are changing day by day but people often don’t recognize it. An experience with cancer or chronic health issues can enable people to recognize what it truly important in their lives and relationships.